Kennels Tariff

These prices include everything your dogs need for a comfortable stay. Food, baskets, freshly laundered Vet Bed and daily cleaned feed and water bowls..

  • Small Dog       £12.60 per day including vat

  • Medium Dog  £13.20 per day including vat

  • Large Dog       £13.80 per day including vat

A small discount of 60 pence per dog per day applies to dogs sharing a kennel.

Cattery Tariff

These prices include everything your cats need. Food, baskets, freshly laundered Vet Bed, daily cleaned feed and water bowls, scratch post and of course under floor heating.

  • Single cat                       £8.40 per day including vat

  • Each additional cat       £5.40 per day including vat

Charges are per calendar day and the room is reserved for you for the day. A charge is made for the day of drop off and collection. After your cat is collected the room is fully disinfected and power washed down and left to dry for the next day’s guest. Giving plenty of time between guests ensures the higher level of hygiene and biosecurity giving you confidence your cat’s welfare is our highest priority.


Small Animal Tariff

Prices start from £2.50 per day, please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Opening Times

Opening times are restricted to help provide a quiet time for your pets during the day, without the disturbance of visitors. In the event that you need an early morning drop off or collection please give us a ring to discuss your needs.

Monday to Saturday

Open          09.00am – 10.00am

Open          04.00pm – 05.00pm

We are closed for drop offs and collections on Sundays and Bank holidays but we are still working and do look after your pets with the same diligence.

 Your peace of mind is our aim.